This blog is an outpouring of one soul to yours. There is no telling what the next post might be, but the direction will be pointed Up. I personally and sincerely hope you'll add this to your Follow list, bookmark it or just remember it and come back to find some inspiration.

the blog title fromJtoZoe is a play on words I suppose: its mimicking the phrase "from A to Z" where instead of "A" you have a "J" to symbolize "Jesus" (He is the true beginning our life's alphabet) and the "Zoe" replaces "Z" and of course is a word that means "life." So put it all together and you get a mimic of the alphabet concept from A to Z meaning to cover all things and you get a metaphor for Jesus being the beginning of Life. I know, its complex, you probably would have never figured that out without explanation due to its obscurity, but that's how I roll. 

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