Monday, September 26, 2011

Flora Mckee Blogspot

     I hope you will consider going to this site: and reading "Walk in the Clouds" which the author of this blog has also written regarding his mother-in-law having a "seeing Heaven" experience during her last few weeks of life after battling cancer.

I think it will inspire and interest you as we are all mortal and thus face the same ending, that being death. How we view death is our choosing though.There are many views out there, as many as there are opinions. Hopefully you'll check out "Walk in the Clouds" and be inspired to have a new or bettered view of mortality.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

     A coworker came strolling passed with a comment in joking, "Thank goodness it's Friday, it's been a long week!" The joke was, well, it wasn't Friday but rather it was Tuesday. But his wit reminded me of what The Lord has taught us via His Word that we are to live life as if Christ were coming soon, perhaps today! Maybe we can live our Mondays or Tuesdays as if it was Friday betters and better our attitude on those days. And maybe we can live each day as if it is the day of Our Lord and better our own life and the lives of those around us by having an attitude based on His Will rather than our own.

  This is the day which the LORD has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.
                                                                                                                    Ps 118.24

Friday, September 9, 2011

Focus on the Family 9/11 broadcast with Jay Jonas, NYFD

Via Focus On The Family
Ten years ago, a horrible day in America's history occurred with the attacks of Muslim radicals on the Trade Towers and the Pentagon. Jay Jonas, NYFD chief and survivor of a tower collapse speaks about his experience. Additionally we hear from survivors of the Pentagon attack.
A quote by Jay that was especially significant to me and applicable to other times when people perish:

"People say to me, 'God was WITH you that day!' and I cringe at that; as if He wasn't with the other guys that didn't make it. And those guys were great guys, some of the finest to ever walk the earth. God was WITH THEM too."

Part 1 Part 2, along with a rescue story of Sheila Moody who survived the Pentagon attack.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

An unkept garden

    Have you ever seen a neighbor's yard go unkept? I'm sure you have, perhaps YOU were the one who let your lawn go a few too many days without a mowing. Regardless, this post isn't about ridiculing your lack of mowing desire, I am certainly right with you on that issue. But rather, let's use the unkept lawn, or garden, or whatever space is needing some tidy-up as a parable for the world God allowed us to be servants of. And no, this won't been an environmental message either though you could certainly apply the parable to such a context.

     My mother-in-law has always liked to keep a tidy and beautiful flower garden. She digs landscaping (pun intended) and really finds enjoyment in that hobby.  But then she had to fight some battles with cancer. The battles eventually drained her of the ability to maintain her gardens and landscaping, such that they became totally  saturated and overtaken with weeds. In analyzing the scenario, I supposed that the task of separating the weeds from the desirables would be very difficult and laborious, almost to the point of giving up and scraping the whole space clean to start anew.  
Anyone that spends even 5 seconds of honest thought and consideration about the world around him or her will surely agree that 'the world is a messed up place.' Spend a few minutes or hours of thought on this and you'll reckon there is much about the world that needs 'cleaned up.'  The immorality and irresponsibility regarding sexual matters for example, talk about a mess!!  Those issues pop up in TV; Advertising; Film; Music; Literature; Scandals of our voted in 'role models;' the web; social networking; and on and on. The issues are seen in weeds like undesired teen sexuality and the ramifications of such; amazingly poor and illogical legislation relating to sexual offenses; breakdown of the traditional family structures; continued high divorce rates and so forth. And this is just in ONE umbrella area of the human nature given to less than desirable choices!
When you attempt to start cleaning up any one of the symptoms or manifestations of it, the labor you put in often doesn't seem to give a good return. In fact, you may feel like there isn't a way to even make a dent in the problems at all.
Wiping the space clean and starting over may not be possible (depending on how you interpret that). But in one sense of it, maybe we need to mentally wipe our space clean and get back to the roots of purity, and of honorable things. The Bible certainly supports such an idea. The Bible even states one must be "born again," so to speak, thus making yourself wholly different. Seems like this is what needs to happen on a broader scale in order to see some of the rampant issues that we are now seeing get at all resolved.

But that resolve has to start somewhere, that resolve can start with you.